About us

We are proud founders of Top Carpet Cleaner London. We have established it because we wanted to help people by providing them with our cleaning services. For us cleaning is much more important as it is to you. We put our heart and soul into cleaning and we always do it with pleasure. If something is not done with pleasure, it is not done properly. Moreover, improper work is not our affinity. Our goal is perfect cleanliness.

With years of hard work, we have managed to become top rated provider. We embrace every single cleaning chore with the attention and care needed to reach successful level of performance. The sooner you get in touch with us, the sooner you will be able to enjoy your precious time.

For some additional convenience, you can call us whenever you need a helping hand. It is all up to you when you will arrange an appointment. Feel free to establish a contact with us seven days of the week, plus holidays and weekends. We guarantee you full satisfaction and immaculateness.

Over all these years we have been working with the same housekeepers. We trust them as much as we need you to trust us. For us the mutual trust is one of the most important things in ones’ relations. We always do our best to give you nothing less than perfectness.

Our technicians are able to take care of the slightest details. Do not think twice and hire us to show you that they are always in search of the sparkling immaculateness. They are the masters of cleaning and the equipment they use renders to help them. That is why we invested in only high-end materials and detergents for an excellent performance. With the advanced methods they use, they will turn any dirt spot into sparkle.

Most people think that cleaning services cost way too much and that they cannot afford it. The truth is that our procedures are inexpensive, even the opposite, they are very reasonable. Calling in a cleaning team is not a luxury with Top Carpet Cleaner London.