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You bought a new carpet but your everyday life makes it look old and dirty and no one wants that. There is a professional cleaning agency, here in Uxbridge, that is qualified to clean any carpet without having to take it out from the apartment or house.

The carpet stays inside, the cleaners come to your home clean it and go as if they were never there. This is a wise investment considering the usual amount of money people spend on products that don‘t do the same job. Don‘t hesitate and contact us.

Carpet, Sofa and Upholstery Cleaning Price
Landing Carpet starting from £4
Bedroom Carpet starting from £23
Livingroom Carpet starting from £26
Upholstered Armchair starting from £16

Minimum call out charge for Carpet Cleaning £48

Call us at 020 3745 8363 or ask for a free quote!

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    There are so many different fabrics and colours that carpets are made of, so many that ordinary people can not possibly know. Without knowing them they can not know what is the proper way of cleaning it perfectly. There are people who know everything there is to know about carpet cleaning and they are right here in Uxbridge just one phone call away. The cleaning service is done on site with professional steam cleaning machines and we recommend this done twice a year.

    We perform professional carpet cleaning services which are well known to the people living in Uxbridge. The business we run has been on the market for many years and our content clients can speak for our professionalism. We treat our clients with respect and thoughtfulness.

    We will clean your carpets on site so you don‘t have to bother driving it anywhere. Our techniques are one of the latest as are our machines, but the most important thing we think is key to our work is our attitude-we clean as if we clean our own home so you will feel happy with the results we provide. Don‘t hesitate to call us, you won‘t regret it.

    Every time you spill something on your carpet or you have a pet that makes it full with its hair falling out the first thing on your troubled mind is „How am I going to clean up this mess?“ and is it even possible to do such a thing in basic home condition.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Do you cover the cleaning products and if so, what kind of detergents do you use?
    We deliver all the needed cleaning materials and you don’t need to take care of this at all. Our cleaning techs will bring all the needed cleaning detergents and tools, which are included in the price. The products are absolutely safe for kids and pets. We take into account all the safety standards and we utilise hypoallergenic products.

    We comply with the fact that some of our customers might be allergic to certain substances and odours. Everything we utilise is of top quality and efficiency. The detergents are biodegradable, with no environmental impact. In brief, we use no chemicals and toxins.

    What type of carpets do you clean?
    Our carpet cleaning services are conducted by very competent people, who are trained to treat all type of surfaces. They will inspect carefully the carpet in order to find the best approach for it.

    You don’t need to worry about it, because we guarantee for the intact surface and the results. Our cleaning is approved as safe by carpet manufacturers. No matter of size, type or colour, we can cope with the problem in the most efficient way. We will leave your carpet almost dry, so no soapy residues or excess water, which can cause any damages.

    How long does the cleaning of a whole house take?
    It is hard to give a specific time constraints, because every property is in different condition and size. We can assure you that our cleaning team will work in an organised and systematic way, in order to finish as fast as possible and still comply with the highest standards.

    Usually, we send a team of cleaners, so that the job is done quicker. In case you have any urgent or unexpected engagement, we don’t mind to leave us also alone. We are insured and vetted, so that your house will be in safe hands.

    Can I book a same-day visit?
    Our support centre will respond immediately and co-ordinate our carpet cleaning services in day and time, that best fits your schedule. For a same-day visit, it depends on our schedule. It is possible to send you a team immediately and if needed we can work over our work hours.

    Usually, we don’t mind to stay overtime in emergent cases, but we prefer to schedule an appointment in advance. In that way, we will be able to organise better. Of course, we can put in your shoes and we know that unexpected occurrences happen, so we will send you the first free team.

    Is it possible to change the already arranged appointment and how does it work?
    We provide our revered customers with the opportunity to change the appointment. We just politely ask to let us know at least 48 hours in advance, so that we can re-schedule our plan and you will avoid any additional charges for that.

    You need to get in touch with our support centre and ask them for another appointment, when it will be convenient for you. Our support centre is 24/7 available, so you can call us any time. Our representatives will change the appointment, without any argues and disputes. We are comprehensive people, so that no need to worry.

    The thing is that it is possible if you call our cleaning agency in Uxbridge. Through the years we have made many of our clients regular because we love what we do and we do it well.